The manufacturing industry plays a key role in the EU economy – it generates about 6% of the EU’s GDP and employs over 48 million people – and is considered the most important sector for achieving the “Europe 2020” growth strategy goals. However, the sector’s recent decline and growing competition from non-EU regions has created the need for efficiency gains and sustainable practice across the sector. Additive manufacturing (AM) or 3D printing has transformed innovation in the engineering and manufacturing industry, and the EU has identified AM as one of 6 Key Enabling Technologies (KETs). The European Industrial Policy for KETs aims to increase the exploitation of KETs and to reverse the decline in manufacturing as this will stimulate growth and jobs. The 3DPRINT-DnB will contribute to the achievement of the “Europe 2020” growth strategy goals.


3DPRINT-DnB aims to create an innovative introductory joint AM curriculum for UG group project work. Specific aims include to:

  • Enhance the quality and relevance of student’s knowledge and skills (employability and entrepreneurship), improving opportunities for entry into AM jobs.
  • Enhance learning through the digital literacy of target groups who will engage in digital manufacturing activities (including 3D Printing Competition for local Schools).
  • Increase the awareness and attractiveness of careers in STEM and Art and Design through the creation of high quality joint AM curriculum (also improving gender balance in STEM).
  • Increase opportunities for the achievement of relevant and high quality skills and competencies in STEM which are in high demand in the aero, auto and food manufacturing sectors.


The HE partners came together based on a shared interest to improve education for UG students in 3D Printing and digital manufacturing and the group has the advantage of representing different institution sizes (small, medium and large). Each partner will bring its own (academic and private sector) expertise and knowledge with regard to the additive manufacturing technology applications to aero, auto and food industry sectors. Our group is composed of 6 partners: 4 HEs and 2 SMEs representing 3 different European countries. The HEI’s have a strong focus on applied research and technology transfer with excellent links with industry; and the two SMEs bring strong expertise in machine automation and digital media to the group.

This project is funded by the Erasmus+ programme.



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